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Our Vision

More Than Baking...

Dignity Baking Supplies exists to create communities of joy.  We aim to encourage and equip new and experienced bakers with knowledge and tools to create delicious cakes, pizzas and other dishes inside their own home.


We believe in development.  Dignity is inspired by Proverb 31:25, (A noble wife) “is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.”


Dignity Baking seeks to develop women by creating flexible part-time jobs and provide hands on entrepreneurial training to ladies who demonstrate business acumen. 


Join us as a sales associate! Learn to bake, teach baking to others, and promote essential baking items.  Or consider opening your own business!  We work together to assist those who show initiative and dedication to start their own business by providing counsel and training in market research, writing a business plan and forecasting start-up budgets.


Dignity is looking for talented individuals committed to building businesses that transform community.  Are you passionate about baking? Developing Community? Making a profit? Contact us.


Discover the JOY of Baking and more!